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November 21, 2019
By Shelbymiller BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
Shelbymiller BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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     I have hope. Yes, they may seem too broad or even cliché, but it plays a huge role on who I am today. Although some could say that I have hope in unrealistic ideas, I believe in a written truth that gives me hope. Initially hope can be interpreted in many different ways, just like hope for success or hope for a new car, but the goal is to shine a light on what hope means apart from physical desires. From the beginning, when I developed the skill to know what hope is, I would always mix up the concept of hope and want, which is a natural thing to do. To want is something that man feels the need to possess, even though he does not specifically need it. On the other hand, hope can be described as a feeling of trust, or to wish for a particular event that one considers possible. 

     Hope comes from the word hopian in old English, which roughly translates to trust in God’s word or to have confidence. This was mainly used to hope for salvation or mercy from God. This is the real meaning of hope. Unfortunately it is not “to wish upon a star and your dreams will come true”. Although, I do know that the hope I have is to be part of something greater than myself. I find confidence and trust while having hope. In the book of Hebrews in The Bible it says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what he do not see” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV). In The Bible there is an underlying theme of hope that everyone longs for. That is where I began to understand the meaning. Showing that I have hope in a future laid out for me by God, but faith and hope go hand in hand. To have hope is to believe, and I believe that the Bible is a written source of the guidelines to faith leading to hope. 

     Hope has many different meanings depending on the person's point of view. It is merely based on the beliefs that they have on how they interpret Hope. The difference between their hope and mine is simply that Jesus Christ gives me hope and an object gives them theirs. Although there is nothing wrong with being able to choose who you believe in, this causes hope to expand into different meanings than what was originally given. Society has never been so against the interpretation of hope that members of the church have, to them it is what they put on their Christmas list or birthday wishlist, not looking at the bigger outcome. This overall causes man to be caught up in what he does not have at this moment, and no way to see what he has already been gifted.

     Hope gives me joy. Yes, this is the same kind of joy that makes your heart beat faster than before. It fills me with happiness when I need to be refilled, and picks me up when I have fallen down. The most amazing part is that I know that even though I sin, there is still hope that I am saved by someone who lived a perfect life. This shows me how even when it seems like there is no way to keep going, I have been given hope that I do not deserve. Now I know that I have a future that is bright when unfortunate thoughts fill my head. Furthermore, it shows that I am worth more than anyone could ever know when my self esteem is lower than the Dead Sea. Also, it teaches me humility when i hit a high point in life and I feel like I am on the top of Mount Everest. It is also a constant reminder that I am worth it, I am loved, I am wanted, I am fearless, and that I can conquer any hurdle in my way. 

     Hope can be defined in a single sentence. This comes from the book of Jeremiah in the Bible saying, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV). This clearly shows how Hope is a gift, not something you constantly wish for. That I am given hope by a merciful God that constantly gives me grace and salvation. This is what hope is all about. Knowing that I have a future, perfect for me, that is already mapped out by my creator. Hope gives me love when all signs of love in reality are lost. Hope gives me a community of people who are gracefully broken, just like me, to help support me on my journey. The most important part of this is that hope leads me to realizing my true identity, and how I am a part of the bigger picture and not just a number. It constantly shows me my purpose. This is why I have hope. 

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Hope means a lot to me, it’s why I can keep going when I expierience my struggles. I hope to inspire others that needed something to be said about why we have hope. 

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