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February 9, 2009
By alyssamac. BRONZE, Montrial, New Jersey
alyssamac. BRONZE, Montrial, New Jersey
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Genocide, a horrible word which did not exist before the year 1944. This term is defined as a violent crime committed with the intention of permanently destroying the existence of a certain ethnic, racial, or religious group. On September 9th, 2004, secretary of state Colin Powell declared genocide has been and still is being committed in Darfur and that the government of Sudan is help responsible. For the last five years, Sudan has been a country of violence set off by a rebel raid on the Sudanese military, which has resulted in the loss of over four million lives. This war crime can be stopped, but as long as the United States sit back and watch this disaster take place, it will continue until the idea of Genocide has been fully fulfilled. The United States should intervene with the war going on in Darfur because we can't just sit back and do nothing while this horrible disaster takes place.

If the United States just sits back and does not do anything about this horrific tragedy, things in Darfur, although are extremely bad already, could get much worse. Millions of innocent people have already lost their lives and if we sit back and do nothing a lot more innocent people will loose their lives as well. Although this war is not our war, if we do not step in and try to help them out, the war may never end. As a country we need to envision ourselves in their position. If we were in some sort of trouble, similar to what they are going through right now, wouldn't we want another country stepping in and trying to help us out?

If we do intervene we could possibly act as the middle men between the people and the Government. This could help to resolve the issues between them and settle a fair solution. So many children and adults have already been killed, if we step in and help, we could be saving millions of lives. By us intervening we could perhaps end this war. Sure it seems far fetched for one country alone to end a war that has been going on for so long, but if we step in as a friend and not a country just trying to take over, it could sincerely help.

A lot of people do not think we should risk out country and our soldiers by getting involved in Darfur's problems. They say we should mind our own business and let them work it out for themselves. The truth is what if they can't work it out for themselves? What if the only solution to stopping this war is for us to go in and help them work it out? If that's the case then why shouldn't we intervene? We need to show the rest of the world what America truly stands for and that's helping any other country friends or enemies in their time of need. By not helping this war we are just showing everyone how selfish and self centered everyone thinks of us to be.

The United States should most deffinatly intervene with the war going on in Darfur because we can not just sit back and watch while this horrible tragedy takes place! Millions of innocent lives have been taken away, especially children. We as a country need to step up and step in to this horrible war going on and put an end to it. Yes it is going to cost us and yes we can afford it, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that this war has been going on for long enough and acting as the strong, helpful country we really are, we could be the ones to put an end to years of suffering for these poor innocent people.

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