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Peace and Jellybeans

February 27, 2009
By Scripted BRONZE, Calgary, Other
Scripted BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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Peace on earth, good will toward men.
Peace on earth is a universal goal, a togetherness that cannot be bought nor easily attained. World peace is 6 billion people united and living without conflict of any kind. It is a distinct, global harmony with no hostility toward any person, culture, religion, race or nation. A single foundation on which mankind can build an almost perfect world. Is that even possible?
Peace is widely assumed to be a world without war. Everyone from pageant contestants to presidential candidates proclaim to millions that they will strive and dedicate their life to world peace. Has the world changed because of this declaration? No. Simple words will not suffice. Action must take place. Through actions we can see a quick glimpse of what peace on earth would resemble.
First forgiveness must substitute retaliation. War, international conflict, and crime on all levels (locally and nationwide) must be eliminated. For a start, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear powers and all manner of weaponry must be discarded. If that would be so, there would no longer be any need for a nation's military or national defense. Terrorism would be abolished and lives would be saved. In the end each nation would be listed under one singular alliance, eliminating strife and violence at home and abroad. That might seem unreal but it is just the beginning. A couple jellybeans in an empty, glass jar.
Since humankind cannot decide on one political system, governments could not be established, ultimately leaving the power with the people. Finally. Yet without nation administration and control a few problems arise. Taxes would be non-existent ridding the world of infrastructure, public healthcare, university funding, emergency response units, research and development etc. Much must be sacrificed on our path to world peace. Toss a few more jellybeans into the jar.
As straightforward as possible money, (the root of all evil) would have to be destroyed. Yes, destroyed. Money in any currency is a contributing factor for inequality. With money, greed is next-door, and power, across the street. Since money is the basis of many problems lets get rid of it and see the result. Greed in terms of wealth would quickly deteriorate. A step closer to peace on earth. There would be no economy, no GDP, no sales or clearance, no real estate, no big business, factories, exports or imports, and no mention of Wall Street. No financial crisis or economic recession, no oil sands, no pollution, no carbon emissions, no global warming and climate change. Surprising? Well the truth is inconvenient. Technology would be a past time. Unemployment? One hundred percent. Hospitals would be closed and banks bankrupt. There would be no need for education. The world would be free of debt; poverty and third world titles would become irrelevant.
NGO's and charities would have no source of income and would be shutdown. Child labor and the sale of human beings would be stopped, as there is nothing to produce. No clothing, toys, gifts, food, electronics (blame this on the lack of electricity). Calendars would be out of date and no deadlines to mark down anyway. Time would be judged on the sun's height during the day and the date? Who cares? Birthdays would soon be forgotten and Christmas would be some time in winter. The jar is almost full.
We are almost at peace. Divorce? Zero to none. Relationships would be complicated with such problems as cheating and jealousy. I'm sure some daring solutions could be thought of, but for now lets throw out the idea of relationships, just to be safe. There would be no more controversy surrounding gay marriages or polygamy. Humans would be lonely. Sacrifices must be made.
So what does peace on earth really look like?
Six billion, lonely, uneducated nudists, living off the land. Joy to the world.
Is peace on earth really attainable in our present day society? There will always be someone who is not happy with the way things are. With such issues untouched like natural disasters, religion and ultimately death how can peace prosper? Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Human Needs can be a close model for depicting peace in an individual sense. But before we attack world peace we must first conquer it individually. Is complete world peace difficult and nearly impossible? Yes. But that does not mean that we cannot do it on a smaller scale. United as one people we must still try.

Anyone want a jellybean?

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