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Acceptance is Vital to the Real World

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Most of us have been protected by our parents from day one, but there reaches a point when we have to seek knowledge and truth outside of the, sometimes limited, amount given. One of these truths is that homosexuality is present throughout the world, including within the bubble that we have been put inside of by parents, peers, the community and school.

On a typical day, students see couples kissing in the hallways on their way to class. When the couple happens to be a gay or lesbian couple, everyone who sees the display of affection feels the need to run around and tell everyone about the phenomenon that they were wrongfully forced to witness. Clearly, the couples that are offending their spectators are deeply concerned with making them feel secure in their bubble that cannot possibly be popped, for fear of their entire world coming to a screeching halt. I would prefer to not have to see couples of either sexual orientation kissing in the hallways, but the reality is that it is going to happen, without one’s prior approval.

It disgusts me to see students scorned and disliked because their sexual orientation is not favored by the masses. The “real world” is going to be a culture shock for the naïve, closed-minded, and ignorant. Yes, I said ignorant. Unless one plans on living on a deserted island, our comfort zone will inevitably be tested, with or without our consent. If students are under the impression that society will conform to each individual, then I wish them the best of luck with making that dream come true.

As displayed by the constant struggle for our society to grant validity to the homosexual community, not all citizens of the “real world” have gotten the memo that acceptance of people with opposing opinions is maturity in the making.

Gain perspective, seek knowledge, face reality, and fear nothing. Accept people for who they are and what they represent, regardless of whether you agree with them.

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MaxineA BRONZE said...
on Oct. 17 2013 at 3:47 pm
MaxineA BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
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Yes, these things are a part of reality, but so are many things that not all people agree with. Slavery, for example. Half the country believed in that, but did the other half just watch something they believed immoral be practiced? If the world was like that, slavery would still exist. I prefer to stand by my beliefs, not bend them with "an open mind" to fit into a culture I don't believe to be fully moral. I believe maturity is the ability to stay strong in my beliefs, not sway them to match the general opinion.