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The Naked Truth

December 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Everything is better nude, for it is when we strip things down to the bare bones that we realize what truly makes them beautiful. The world is too comfortable living their lives built up on lies. We realize that we can never really afford to fall apart and that unraveling one lie unravels all the rest. Sometimes we need to know when to leave things alone, for the fire favors no man. But at the end of time do we really want to answer for a life built around ignored faults and neglected falsehoods?
Throughout our lives we wear many masks and it seems as though it never crosses our minds to feel comfortable in our own skin. We allow the media to teach us what is and is not beautiful when we should really look to the media as an example of how *not* to live. Instead we tend to view it as some sort of instructional manual or the ultimate "go to" guide that teaches us what to wear, how to look, and ultimately what to think. Why do we let the ideas of others pollute our minds like lungs filled with unfiltered air? Why do we allow them to wrap the truth up in pretty wallpaper and repaint the world as teh picture they want to see?
Life is nothing more than living. It is not what we make of ourselves or let others make of us so why are opinions and perceptions so important to us? If we could just strip ourselves of all the standards and statutes placed upon us we might remember why humanity was once thought of as beautiful. If we could just work back to our fundamental framework, reevaluate and rebuild, we just might risk discovering the naked truth: that everything is better nude, for it is when we break ourselves down to the basics that we realize why we are beautiful.

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