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To Agree or Disagree

December 8, 2009
By izz123 GOLD, Gaithersburg, Maryland
izz123 GOLD, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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There is always a benefit in taking one of two opposing sides in any issue, rather than coming to an agreement “in the middle” by way of compromise. This flawless way of thinking allows creativity to flow easily by expanding the minds of others. Ultimately, this leads to new discoveries and a more knowledgeable world altogether. Having opposing viewpoints on any issue can also be necessary for the safety and well-being of all, when a compromise cannot be met. For these reasons alone, multiple viewpoints on any issue will always be vital for the world to continue its proper functioning.

A world without opposing viewpoints would be dull and drab. Such a world would lack creativity and countless opportunities for self-discovery. And, most importantly, nothing new would ever be discovered, and no new knowledge would ever be gained. Taking one of two opposing sides in any matter is a foolproof way to promote creative thinking, thus the gaining of more knowledge. Novels, for instance, are written on a wide variety of controversial issues, allowing the authors to express their opinions freely, and advocate their viewpoints to educate others. Newspaper articles work in much of the same way. Individuals are able to learn in a variety of ways just from the opinions of others. The famed voyage of Christopher Columbus is the perfect example of how opposing viewpoints are able to influence others by making everyone a bit more knowledgeable. Years ago, during Columbus' time, nearly everyone believed the world to be flat. Yet, one man dared to think otherwise. Columbus organized his expedition to gain more geographical knowledge by finding a better trading route to India. Though others still held strongly to their beliefs of a flat world, Columbus proved them all wrong, discovering two whole continents in the process. Not only did people better understand the world's geography, the New World provided homes for those seeking a better life. This occurrence in history clearly proves the importance of having two different viewpoints, and feeling free to think differently than others. Having two opposing sides in any matter will lead to a better understanding of the issue at hand, and ultimately, a more knowledgeable world.

There are times when compromise is simply impossible. No common ground can ever be found. In such cases, people feel so strongly for their side in a matter, that they will never come to an agreement by way of compromise. And, more often than not, this has proven itself to be a positive aspect. When the well-being of others is at stake, it is of the utmost significance to allow opposing viewpoints. This statement proved its truth years ago during the time of World War II. During this dark stage in history, so many innocent people were tortured and often killed. Others were forced into the miserable isolation of a life in hiding. This era was one of the cruelest times in history, when an opinion of few caused absolute misery for many. In this case, compromise simply could not be met. The awful viewpoint being expressed was wrong, and would remain wrong even if a compromise were to be carried out. Yet, there were individuals, even whole nations, who still clung to the correct belief. This was the belief that the horrible torture had to be stopped immediately. A war was fought involving nations all over the world, and because of a second opinion opposing the other, the suffering could be brought to an end. This awful event in history is proof alone of the importance of opposing viewpoints. When there is an opinion that will remain wrong no matter what, there must always be another standpoint to counteract it, and make things right. Opposing sides in such matters are absolutely necessary for the well-being of all.

All in all, multiple viewpoints on any issue have always and always will be an absolute must in society. Without this, nothing new would ever be discovered, and the education of others would rest at a complete standstill. Opposing opinions often bring about a flood of knowledge and creativity. Different viewpoints have also continuously proven themselves absolutely necessary for the well-being of all. Without this important way of thinking, justice would fail to be carried out, leading to suffering in various forms. The usage of opposing sides in any matter have proven their significance time and time again and will continue to do so throughout the course of history.

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