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April 18, 2009
By xabstract7x SILVER, Centerville, Indiana
xabstract7x SILVER, Centerville, Indiana
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One knows when society has lost all resemblance of depth and when three sacred words such as "I love you" are trimmed, cut, and spliced until they become a three-lettered hollow abbreviation used for filler and fluff. The words "i love you" still hold some sense of meaning even when beguiled and spoken via text. This is a world deprived of simple humanity as a serial killer was denied love as a child and yet we still hold onto this fake feeling of compasion in everyday life. A sorry substitution for something real...something to keep us from staying up all night. What have we become? Its the mere fabric of today's "human traits", we have become numb to each other, utterly consumed by a set of ideals decided by a counsel of unseen members. Its just as if we are

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