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Out of Sight; Out of Mind

March 18, 2009
By Julie Avancena BRONZE, Reseda, California
Julie Avancena BRONZE, Reseda, California
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It does not make sense that every single morning during my first period, someone makes an announcement about a subject so out of date, that many students hope it turns into itself, "Out of Sight; Out of Mind," because surely enough. This new policy is blowing up our minds. What makes it so horrible? The whole policy is hypocritical, students are not allowed to use electronic devices in class because they believe that,"[students] will call gang members," or "not be able to hear announcements if there is a lockdown." What do they think we are, stupid?
Why is this even relevant? I'm sure that this policy is nonexistent to other schools, but it's not really the policy that aggravates students, but its execution that makes us berserk.
We are prohibited from using cell phones, or ipods, during school. It's acceptable if we were not allowed to use it while in class, but once it's lunch, shouldn't we have the freedom to make use of our "free" time.
We are already stuck in school for about 7 hours of the day, that one hour we can be out of the classroom, should guarantee us the freedom to listen to our music or make phone calls.
The most horrible part of this policy, is that, it apparently does not apply to teachers, when every announcement states that "This school has an out of sight out of mind policy, no electronic devices."
It's just not fair that students need to abide by these laws, whilst teachers, staff, and administrators are not liable to follow the rule. What message does that send out to students? Most schools have rules implemented to create order and peace, but this new policy has done nothing, but lead to students to believe that school really is correlate to a prison cell, only one phone call allowed. And that's usually done sneakily behind closed doors.

The author's comments:
Our school has this policy that is new this year and many students oppose it. It's not just because we can't use our phones or ipods, but even during break we can't use them. During class, obviously, these devices should be kept away, but out of class, many know and believe that students should be able to use their phones or listen to music. I just hope that by reading this, a teacher, or administrator may come across this and learn that students need a break from too much rules, our cell phones and ipods are safe enough that we should be able to use them out of class. I want readers to learn that there are some double standards with some policies, and I hope that one day, these will be addressed. It's just not fair for students to be expected to follow these guidelines, when our leaders cannot do the same.

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on Mar. 27 2009 at 2:44 pm
artofthedeath PLATINUM, Dothan, Alabama
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If this is a new school rule for you, consider yourelf spoiled. Most school systems do not allow cell phones, iPods, of gaming devices to be used in school. We are allowed to have our items in our backpack/purse/pocket, but they must be shut off and we can not pull them out.

Naturally, these rules are not seriously followed. Many people text and listen to music anyway. One of my teachers allows us to use our iPods during class without penalty.

You are not addressing the actual problems cell phones and iPods have in the classroom atmosphere. Cell phones are not allowed on because you could text and cheat on a test with someone across the room. Some bombs placed in places like schools can be set off by a cell phone signal. iPods are distracting, and while you are listening to the teacher, you do not need them end. They had the rule set for the whole day instead of just the classes, because if they weren't strict enough, the rules would not be seriously abided by.

I think you could have put more thought into this essay. It is written very strongly. However, you go around in circles with your logic and you don't go with positive, factual facts when trying to state your reasons for changing. To me, with all respect, this sounded more like a complaint than anything else.

jaskrox said...
on Mar. 26 2009 at 11:18 pm
hulie this was amazing =] <3 silvia

princess of pop says:good stuff

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