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Critics we all know them!

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever had that one teacher that would literally bug you to improve on almost everything? They dig at your skin like a nervous badger picking at the dirt. Like every other unfriendly fellow he/she gasps at your amazing action and lets down a cold sigh under his breath, “I’ve seen better.” You just made a new school record and your coach doesn’t even congratulate you with a “good job.” What do you call these people? If you answered critics that you’re right!

If you are intelligent for your age, then you probably know about criticism. One day, you take a test of some sort, and every one knows you’re amazing- extraordinary intelligence: you are the “A”mazing student to get perfect grades. You get the test back in two days and you get a “B” not an A-, not a B , just a regular “B.” You show your parents; the first thought that crosses their mind is that you slacked off on a test. Why did they think that? Maybe- just maybe, because of your wonderful grade has just shown a weak point out of the weak blue..

Some of us know just how annoying- just how irritating a criticizer is. I can see why people decided on the word critics. It’s just the word people might misspell into critics. A person who bugs you on e one little, tiny spot, to agitate you to the point where you want to tear your hair out. Whether you take it offensively or not, it’s another way of giving you a hint offensively, or a joking comment on a different level.

There is no logic in criticism. I think of critics as generals in training, just with out the yelling. for all it actually is to make hard judgments with out the sympathy of others feelings. Would you like to be criticized on a great accomplishment you have been trying to achieve, only to be degraded on it? Its okay to do it once or a while but constantly isn’t going to give you a good reputation.

In the end, “everyone’s a critic” whether you know it or deny it. I’m sure you guys all know what a critic is especially on the hilarious comedy central comments. After all criticism is something you hear when reporting back from war. You generally will judge merits and faults you made during victory. So think before notifying someone’s mistakes. Encourage people!

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on Mar. 7 2009 at 3:42 am
ShaynaPhelps SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Eactly, I agree full heartily. Everyone must think in a win-win mindset. Most people think Win-lose, where they have to win and everyone else has to lose and those people have a hard time feeling happy for other people's achievements. Others Lose-win, where they are the worst and everybody else is almighty and brillant. These people tend to lean towards constantly playing the victim. If you think win-win then you can't lose, and neither can your friend or brother. In every failure is an even bigger accomplishment. Much better thinking, right? Right on! I liked this article