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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear School Board:

I hear that our principal is making the students at AHS wear dress code. I can not tolerate this, I went to St. Charles my whole elementary and middle school years, and the students there had to wear dress code. I was so happy to go to AHS because I didn’t have to wear dress code. The distraught students here at AHS are furious with the principal’s egregious mistake to make AHS a dress code school.

I construe that with the principal’s actions this may cause some duplicity among the students here at AHS. Acrimonious students may revolt and elicit unspeakable behavior, such as not wearing dress code or not wearing anything. A paucity of students may even use pernicious actions. There are always a few students who want to do the things best for the school, in other words if they do what they are told they are impunity to punishments.

In further notice I say we just forget about the dress code and go back to wearing normal clothes. I don’t see the point of dressing up when we are going to school. Dressing up is for wedding and special events not school. Yes, there are a few people who like to dress up and that’s fine but don’t make the whole school do it. Even if the principal decides to make this official, you’re going to have some students that will rebel. It is in your best interest to make AHS a non dress code high school.


Katie J.

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