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November 3, 2009
By Andreeka SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
Andreeka SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
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People play around with bulling and I hate that, everyone thinks that bulling is cool. Most guys/girls try to act bad saying they bully little kids and teens past their age but it’s just stupid. As I heard bulling has lead to depression, death, and even abuse. Many kids/teens have commit suicide over bulling which may seem like it’s not a problem, but it is. I am very strong about this topic because it gets on my nerves when it’s all fun and games for people when really, this is serious. In a situation when the kid that is being bullied commits suicide that’s when the bully regrets what they have done, but guess what? It’s too late. In my prospective when the victim commits suicide it’s like the bully killing the victim and it’s all the bullies fault. I am just saying teens should take this in a serious way. What most kids/teen bulling is the internet like MySpace, Facebook and such only because they can’t say in to their face so they just say in online which is being a coward but people still cyber bully. Some many are just so cruel and make fun of others because they are ugly, which they aren’t, or their race, even they could be homo sexual. Evening gossiping is bulling even though everyone does it and, I am not going to lie I do it to. There are so many ways why can’t we just stop this, we need to act now or this can became bigger than it is.

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