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School is Too Boring to Learn

March 1, 2019
By Thesnowhitelady BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Thesnowhitelady BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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You ever feel like school is so boring that you want to blow your brains out? Well, that’s how a lot of students feel about an average school day.

School doesn’t really give to many activities throughout the day to grab and maintain your attention. School lacks the energetic environment that the youth needs to learn and or keep all of the info that the teachers give them. The school staff can’t expect us to retain info that they give us when they talk as fast as a snail moving, it just doesn’t work. Teachers need to get with the program and find ways to jumpstart students with excitement so we can be more focus in class and remember more at the end of the day.

I believe schools should get classes to have more tech, like computers. The screen of a device such as a computer and phone stimulated your brain more than just plain old boring boards and paper. If your brain is more stimulated that means you will tend to be more focused and active with the assignment compared to the board and paper notes. When your focused you retain a lot more info then if u was bored/asleep because when your awake you want to keep the info given to you, and then you will be making school count because your learning and not just wasting your time

In my eyes school is boring and doesn’t really show me that i need it in life (to a certain extent/grade). It is many people that were in my shoes right about now and chose to dropout. For example NBA Young Boy, he dropped out of school because it was boring and he didn’t think he would need it to make big money. So he pursued his dream ‘Never Broke Again’ and then he hustled on his own with bare minimum education and became a millionaire. A lot more teens have been going through with this lifestyle but all this does is create more dropouts. The reason why they dropout is because they don’t want to be there because of how boring it is. If students had better opportunities and did more active assignments in classes then (that won’t make them bored) it would lead to less dropouts and higher graduation rates.

I've already said that schools should be more active and add something like computer classes. We only need one school to start this, then when other schools or school boards see that dropout rates have decreased. Then other schools will look into this and will join because it worked for another school, it should work for their school to. This would be a win win situation because student high school graduation rates will increase while student dropout rates decrease, and now students can pursue an actually occupation and be educated rather than thugs and gangster on the streets all because they fixed how boring school is.

The author's comments:

Clarence lives in Virginia. He wrote this piece for his 9th grade English class. He hopes that people will reach out to schools to make change happen.

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