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Kids + Video Games = Violence?

May 20, 2009
By Joemoma3 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Joemoma3 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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Imagine this: you’re playing a video game and you mom walks up, and watches for a minute. “That’s not very appropriate for you.” Says your mother. Then, BAM! You are arguing with your mother.

Many parents believe that video games make children violent, but that’s not entirely true. Normal kids don’t reenact the Columbine just because they play video games 5-10 hours a day. There is almost always another reason, like drugs, gang interaction, poverty, antisocial behavior, mental illness, or abuse.

Parents indeed noticed increased physical aggression toward others. The kids were male… most of the time. One mother lets her two kids play m-rated war games, but she hasn’t noticed anything wrong with their behavior. “They haven’t gotten into any fights at school”

Children’s cartoons have ALWAYS contained some form of violence, whether it is comical or slightly realistic, it’s been there. Even old cartoons like Tom and Jerry, and newer shows, like Ed, Edd and Eddy, had plenty of violent scenes. Kids that watch cartoons are exposed to violence, but usually end up with average behavior. Why do parents always say video games are bad? The shows being produced today have more violence then back in the day, but it seems like parents haven’t noticed.

So why do people put the blame on games? Probably because you control what happens when, where, and how. Or maybe its because games are addictive, money-suckers? Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, but who is right? Personally, I think that any parent that puts the blame all on games have never just sat down with his or her own kid and watched what was on the television.

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on Oct. 15 2013 at 3:39 pm
RonnieAguilar69, Berwyn, Illinois
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The time and length of children to play videogames should only take 1-2 hours. The amount of hours go above average and continue to worsen. For they have violent videogames and parents who don't monitor 24/7.

Dj_FRANZUA said...
on Oct. 11 2012 at 2:30 pm
That's why there are games
for all type of ages. If a 12 year
old kid plays a rated M game
he might get violent or learn things tha he is not supposed to know at his age

Wyrm said...
on Oct. 10 2011 at 10:54 am
Yes I understand by what some parents mean they can change a kids behavior but I have to diargee with them I play videogames between 6-12 hrs a day and nothing has changed. I understand that some weak minded children may have a drastic change in attitude.

rockyraccoon said...
on Jun. 17 2011 at 10:38 pm
rockyraccoon, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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im a huge fallout fan and i agree although it seems more like the newspapers that are the ones saying video games are turning kids into hanible lector

on Oct. 11 2010 at 4:55 pm
Anna-Akua SILVER, Taunton, Massachusetts
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It depends on which video game...but yes. Kids are influenced fromw what's around them. Im not saying its the case 1005 of the time but it does some what influence kids who play violent games.

on Sep. 8 2010 at 9:18 am
MusicCloud7 SILVER, Kanab, Utah
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Hmmm... i do think video games influence kids... but not violently... in fact, in the Military, those who played video games preformed better than those who didn't. Wierd huh?

on Aug. 6 2010 at 7:12 pm
Still_Waters26 SILVER, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
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I think things like video games, TV shows, movies, and graphic novels that contain violence can make kids more violent, but that's not the general case.  It varies from kid to kid.  Kids vary, so the results vary.  If parents don't want their kids to have violent, negative thoughts, they have to be careful about what they show their kids.  When I was younger, violent video games sometimes affected me, but violent TV shows don't.  See what I mean?

ThomaB said...
on Oct. 29 2009 at 4:41 pm
Nice work. When you stated in the paragraph that starts with, "So why do..." and the first one, shows a great reason about parents view on video games.

astleye said...
on Oct. 1 2009 at 2:27 pm
I think what the story is trying to say is that parents are not spending enough time with there kids. Parents are now just working all the time. Also kids like to hang out with there friends and not there parents. So the parents don't really care what kids do anymore so I think kids play all these bad games, it just teaches them violence and that is where the title comes in. But, over all the writing was ok could have been better with grammer like mor discriptive words, but I won't complain.

tim beck said...
on Jun. 17 2009 at 10:29 pm
tim beck, Webster, Texas
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exactly, i'm a huge fan of gears of war and halo, but that doesnt mean i'm going to go out with a chainsaw and chop people in half, with a sniper rifle on my back that i shoot occasionally

on Jun. 9 2009 at 4:23 am
Joemoma3 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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