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February 17, 2009
By Kira Polk BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Kira Polk BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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A lot of people find it hard to meet someone and share their feelings. You just have to have trust in that person and it there is trust then your heart is open, therefore you got love. The meaning behind my bumper sticker is to try to get people to know what I really mean by it. I heard it on one of the T.V. commercials and really liked it, so I switched and played with the words a little bit.

It's obvious that everyone loves. Finding someone's prince charming or sweetheart is pretty much everyone's dream. Sharing your life with the one you like would make you feel complete, make you feel happier inside and you would have someone to be there for you when you need help or just to smooch around with. Opening your heart doesn't always have to be about finding a prince charming, it could be about finding friends, and finding yourself with them.

I know 'open heart' doesn't really make any sense, but if you just say it over and over again it'll start to come to you. If you just be yourself, try not to be so shy around people and say what you feel is right, it will make you more of an out-going person that a certain someone would want to be friends with, or even date. I read on that, 'Trust, as we know, is a crucial factor in any relationship. Many relationships have been broken up over trust issues.' That makes so much sense. If there is no trust in any relationship, then you can't have an open heart, so much problems can pop up like Arguing, accusing, and assumptions which are not at all good in any relationship.

The author's comments:
Trust isn't the only thing that is important in a relationship, but it's one of the major things. Don't get me wrong, I don't know much about love, I have a boyfriend that means alot to me, but it's not love yet. I've also found friendships with trust. Life has so much to do with trust now a days

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