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I Found Love

November 10, 2015
By Qudsia PLATINUM, Aligarh, Other
Qudsia PLATINUM, Aligarh, Other
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There were still a good 10 minutes before my Math class started. As usual, I sat on the same bench in the ground that I had been using since grade 5. My eyes were staring at the nothingness between me and the sky and my head was trying to avoid thinking of the treacherous numbers that awaited me at a few minutes distance. I engaged myself in figuring out the most beautiful ways to describe the scenic view. ………. The birds, the sun, the trees, that little fountain and …….that hunk. He appeared before me once again looking dashing even though he was in uniform. He looked at me, swung his hair and smirked. ‘Hi!’ he said. I replied in a low voice. Mike addressed me with some respectful words and few words of greetings, then he walked away. I wish I had taken off my nerdy glasses from my nose. Maybe the rays of the sun could have been flattered and given a shine to my face which now had two big dark circles under the eyes. I could have looked beautiful and who knows he might have changed his mind. I watched him walk away, flinging his arms and humming a catchy tune of some Punjabi song.

The loud ringing of the bell made me rush hastily to the class. I hastily got seated on the front seat. I knew to struggle with this subject I had to face it. After the teacher concluded and left, I realized he was not in the class. I knew where he might have gone. As his part-time, he must be talking and swearing to some other girl. I sighed. I have never felt so for anyone just him. I felt he could do wonders if he attended the classes. He was fine anyway.
My next move was towards the library where I planned to do my homework. In the quiet atmosphere and the studious air, I got back in shape. A little while later, I heard a soft whisper, ‘Alice! Alice’! It was him. I knew it. I knew he would come to ask for help. So we went to the ground where I explained him all the math’s concepts of that day. I had decided that once it got over, I would offer him some chocolate that I had. We weren’t over yet when I heard loud shouts of his name. It was that girl. He went away without a word. I ate the chocolate with my friends, minus that romantic feeling and was unable to do my homework. My workload increased probably.
The next day he came again, the muscles of my face twitched in a fit of nervousness but I completed the explanations and he thanked me and I went away.

After I had completed all my work, I went over to fulfil my hunger for basketball. Me and my friends hit the baskets and cheered. Oh! there he was again. We agreed to a boys vs. girls match. ‘This is going to be incredible! I will show him that I am an all-rounder!’ I whispered to myself as my heart twirled in a mixture of emotions. The match started and I felt like I would faint right between the match. How could anyone be so perfect? How could he run so fast and dunk every time. Somehow, we managed to score, preventing a shameful defeat.

Day after day, I spent hours teaching him and day after day he thanked me. I felt so deep in love. For days, I though he loved me as his voice was always full of it. Maybe it was just gratitude ‘cause everyday she came to take him and he immersed himself with her, playfully touching her dimples or flinging her hair.

My return back home was filled with his thoughts. I went straight to the mirror and searched its depths to look at what stopped us from uniting even after so many meetings. Maybe it was my freckles or was it my glasses or was it my dusky color. Maybe it was my very curly hair or perhaps my crooked nose.

Anyways, it is 7 in the evening now. I wish he was with me. The cold is too intriguing and the homework needs some love. If he were here with me, I would feel so warm in his embrace. But the truth is that he never would be. I would forever remain without a lover. I am feeling really sad and lonely. And ……….oh my god!  There…… my hands had no trouble in feeling the soft smooth touch of it, hard bound cover and the golden words on it. I had found my love. The coffee caused the cold to go away. My couch hugged me and I felt secure and finally my love immersed me in itself. I was soon lost in ‘our world’. Just me and my book, coffee and couch.

A few hours later, our love seemed to come to an end. It felt terrible like a break up. The next moment, I knew we could settle this, I reached for the second book in the trilogy. And there I found my love again, better than anyone else’s- always there for me, saddening me one minute but giving ten other moments of joy in return, always staying by me, killing me only to revive me but never breaking up. I really love you…..my books. You are my best love.

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on Apr. 5 2016 at 9:35 am
I loved this and can so relate thank you for writing about it and I totally think your an amazing writer I hope ur audition went well so u can do amazing things in this world!pls alert me about other writes I would love to hear more!