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The other girl...

March 20, 2013
By CrazyCreative95 SILVER, North Fort Myers, Florida
CrazyCreative95 SILVER, North Fort Myers, Florida
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If most animals of the same species but different colors and origins can get along, why can't we??

Sometimes she feels like she has to compete with the other girl. The other girl is pretty, is sexy, and has beautiful hair. What does she have; bad acne, frizzy hair, and anxiety issues? He said she was who he wanted to be with, regardless of how much he loved the other girl. She tries to lie to him, to tell him she’s over it, to tell him that she understands, but she doesn’t. She will never understand that after all they’ve been through, how he can just love someone else. She will never understand how, he loves the other girl, and has the option to go out with the other girl, why he would choose her. Who is she compared to the other girl. She’s always looked at herself in a blurred and cracked mirror, never seeing herself as pretty but seeing everyone else a beautiful. Believe it or not, the more she tries to HATE the other girl, and the more she tries to see all of the girl’s flaws, the more she can’t. She can’t hate someone she doesn’t know. She’s not that type of person. She could think of a closet full of mean things to say about the girl, hell, she could think of mean things to say about him, and how much he’s hurt her, but she could never voice them. She tries to, and it comes out as her blaming it on herself. Silenced by her own self, and living each day, with the question: "Why can’t I be her?"

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