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Location in Depth

February 21, 2012
By Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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"You only live once, so what do you have to loose."

If I tried to describe the complexity of my mind, the deep thoughts pondering in my brain and invented images of hope and shelter, I would die before I was even half way of explaining to you the depth of my “location“. No single place on earth can amount up to the comfort I get within my own understanding of life; not even the thought of what someone would like to consider home. Home is what you make it, so I consider the whole earth to be my “home“, mostly because no one place on earth will last forever; as time goes by places fade, but memories last forever.

The thoughts and places I can escape to in my mind are far beyond a simple-minded individual’s comprehension, but more for the mind of a creative person to understand. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, my escape is never too far away. I’m able to drift away from the hardships of life and ease my stress by simply using my mind as a tool for entertainment and comfort.

Music is my one main escape. When sweet melodies flow into my ears I can drift away into a world of my own. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about life, the world, and how far everything goes out beyond space and time. If you truly think about the materialistic things, we are only capable of discovering so much until we reach a limit. When we’re hanging at the end of the technologic string; there is no intelligence left to heighten ourselves. If only there was such thing as immortality, anything and everything would eventually become possible.

The brain is an extraordinary part of the body, without it we would be nothing; there would be a physical living structure but nothing to control our thoughts and moves. With my mind and all that I store as knowledge I am able to create.

In reality, I stare with a blank expression at broken pipe. The murky brown water sprays onto the dry ground and corrupts the soil with the filth of society. Everyone else may believe that this is simply a sewage drain pipe, but to my eyes of hope I can see past the flaws. In my mind, I can feel a warm sensation of mist spray onto my skin. My eyes widen with adrenaline, and the smell of clean air refreshes me. The once broken pipe is instantly transformed into a cliff with a beautiful tropical waterfall. I look at life the same way, taking something as repulsive as hatred and turning it into love.

I’ve come to realize that nothing lasts forever, so I can’t consider just one place special or even one place to even symbolize as “home”, I roam wherever the wind blows me and love all places I put down roots in. With two legs I am able to walk and think for myself if I own nothing, I can make shelter in various places both beautiful and soiled; the earth is our only limit but we hold the key to the universe.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after I moved from my house I'd been staying at for about 10 years. It made me realize nothing lasts forever, and that "home" is where you make it, not any "one" place. The whole earth is our home.

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