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Wish Upon A Star

March 2, 2010
By MJ'sSoulmate92 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
MJ'sSoulmate92 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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If you enter this world knowing you are loved,than everything that happens in between can be dealt with.-MJ

Sitting here with countless thoughts clouding my mind. I can read every fan fiction ever written and loose myself in them,but it still wouldnt be enough to fill this empty space in my heart. I sit here dreaming of what could have been,and i can only wish upon a star that in the after life my dream may come true and that i may live in eternal bliss with my soulmate by my side. Can this be real? it seems like these past few months have just passed me by, an hour, a day, a month. its all the same to me. Ive lost track of time because of your beauty captivating my entire being. This fantasy world that ive allowed myself to get lost in cant go on any longer. I long to hold on to those beautiful dreams of you and I, talking, laughing, holding each other and passionatly making love, but i cant keep doing this to myself. This bitter-sweet torture is tearing up my soul. I must go on before i loose my entire heart to a loving presence that it can no longer embrace. Time can no longer stand still,i have a life, i have a purpose, i have a dream i must fullfill. However, this doesnt mean im forgetting about you, im just simply stripping myself of this fantasy thats been living in my heart. My love for you will live on forever,regardless of what may happen in the future,you will always hold the other half of my broken heart.Goodbye my loving soulmate. I will wish upon a star that our love may one day be fullfilled, in a more perfect,more gracious,and more loving after life.

The author's comments:
This poem is also about Michael Jackson

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