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The Problem with Electronics

January 11, 2010
By nmoll BRONZE, Bellaire, Texas
nmoll BRONZE, Bellaire, Texas
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This generation has seen a huge advancement in the field of communication and electronic devices such as the Internet and iPods; however, this advancement is overall not in the best interest of its bearer and will lead to consequences that mankind will not be content with. There are many people who debate about whether or not the Internet and iPods have had a negative impact on the youth of today.

The leading reason that electronics are harmful is that the use of the Internet and iPods has led to social isolation among people (Source E). Devices such as iPods cause people to become absorbed in their own world instead of communicating with others and making friends. This isolation is very unhealthy for people and might eventually hinder the social development of teenagers.

Another harmful effect of electronics is that using the Internet can harm a person’s psychological health. A study done by Carnegie Mellon University showed that “Internet use leads to small but statistically significant increases in misery and loneliness and a decline in overall psychological well-being” (Source B). This study showed one of the many massive drawbacks that the Internet has.

One of the things that is said to be beneficial of electronic devices is that they can bring people together through events such as Playlist, an organization hosts monthly events at bars in which people bring and play their iPod music. (Source D) However, this is not a valid argument to defend iPods. The point of an iPod is that it is portable and that it is for personal use by the help of headphones. If the headphones are taken away then the iPod simply becomes a device to store music and transport it from device to device. The problem is the headphones ability to block out the world, not the music being played by the iPod.
Another supposed advantage of electronic devices is the Internet’s ability to introduce people via the Internet and allow the option of online relationships. It is said that even though these relationships “take longer to develop than those face-to-face[, they eventually] can become rich” (Source C). This is completely ridiculous due to the fact that numerous studies show a very negative impact on relationships that occur online. Also, online relationships are supposed to help those who are not comfortable to be social in the real world. This is an even more ridiculous point because there is no point having an online relationship if you will never physically meet the person who you are in a relationship with. How can a relationship prosper if a person does not even have the courage to meet their relationship partner?
There are still several good things that electronic devices such as the Internet and iPods offer. One such advantage that the Internet provides is the ability to keep in touch with distant friends. Another advantage is the ability to greatly increase a person’s group of friends through the use of chat rooms and applications such as Facebook. (Source C)
Electronic Devices such as the Internet and iPods can severely hindered mankind’s social skills if left unchecked. But, if used in the right ways, they can also be used to help make mankind more social and give him the ability to communicate with people all over the world.

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