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Miles to Judge

January 2, 2010
By logannycole SILVER, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
logannycole SILVER, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
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Miley Cyrus is probably the most famous and talked about teenage girl out there right now. Of course, as with any other celebrity, there are both good and bad thingss said about her. How many really make sense though? For example, it is said that she is a horrible role model for kids. My question is, what makes people think that? I understand that she did make a YouTube video with her friend Mandy that made fun of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, and I will admitt that I was not too pleased with this myself. However, she did apologize to both Selena and Demi and made it known that it was simply a joke gone too far, and I have come to forgive that. Personally, I think Hannah Montana is a great life-lesson kind of show. Most of us can say that we have dealt with the things Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana and her friends have dealt with. I for one see no problem with the show. I often wonder how many of the people who say negative things about Miley hate when people judge others before getting to know them. For Christmas this year I asked for Miley's new book, Miles to Go (which I reccommend) which I found so great that I finished it within two days. Miley has dealt with so much in her short life so far, such as dealing with a group of girls who constantly made fun of her and even locked her in a school bathroom. When she finally got away from these "mean girls," she had to deal with the rest of the world and it's critics. However, she was strong enough to get over that and realize that everyone will have their opinions, and she doesn't need to dwell over the negative ones. My main point is, what does everyone have against Miley Cyrus? This is another case of judging before you get to know someone, and I can almost guarantee that a Miley hater could start reading Miles to Go, and put it down with a completely changed point of view.

The author's comments:
Miley Cyrus's book Miles to Go gave me a completely different view of Miley. Reading her life story (so far) showed me how cool (for lack of a better word) she is. I hope that people really take the time to get to know people before judging them while reading this article.

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