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Drug Abuse

April 30, 2011
By MarieNoel GOLD, Accra, Other
MarieNoel GOLD, Accra, Other
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Drug abuse is now the order of the day in our society.Almost everyone talks about it in the public especially in the news media.While others suggest that there should be much education in our homes,others say that it is the responsibility of the government through the formal sector to address the situation.
There are two types of drugs;those we get from hospitals,pharmacies or drug stores or clinics and those illegal ones like marijuana,cocaine, heroine to mention but a few.
Those that are gotten from the health sector and are used without prescription or supervision are said to be abused.Again,even if just a little of the illegal one is taken is said to be dangerously abused.
When youngsters find comfort among their peers,when there is no peace in their homes,upon the advice of their peers,they try those hard drugs and become addicted to them.
Sometimes,when there is anarchy in our society and things get out of hand,people are ready to do anything.Hence,people try those hard drugs.
In addition,when the people are poor and do not get money to attend hospitals,they go to drug stores to buy drugs.
All the above mentioned points bring insanity to the society.There is indiscipline in the society and the social order falls apart.The society comes to a standstill and there is no progress.There is corruption and criminal activities like theft,armed robbery and cheating.
If the citizens are well educated in the homes,mass media and schools and religious institution,things might be put right.
Disciplined people should be put in places of authority.the government should establish task forces to track down drug abusers.The economy should be improved so that the citizens could get jobs to occupy themselves because an idle brain is the devil's workshop.

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