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If I Were the Mayor of My Town....

November 30, 2017
By E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
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I think as each and every one of us thinks what I would have done if I were the mayor of my town…. I cannot flatter myself to think that I would have done a lot of very great things…. When I think of all the people who would have looked up to me…all the lives that would have been at my hand….of all the responsibility on my shoulders it does send Goosebumps all over me but the point that is truly clear in my head is that…. I would have done my best…. I would have been honest in my duties …. And I would have loved the people I represent….and to me this really seems the best anyone can do…. Winning the people’s trust would have been my foremost task…. I would try to be a patient listener and an ardent helper…. I would try to give each and every one of them the importance they deserve and if I build up their confidence in me to a level that they confide in me all their problems than I would consider by first task accomplished. I would open my doors to every common person and will be their companion, associate, ally and a friend rather than being their executive.

Who does not want to live in a community where people love each other, where they are honest, where they uphold merits and moral values? To me it seems possible if and only the children of the community are educated. The education which is provided to the children in our surrounding is not true education. It might teach a person to make a living but not a life…. It does make engineers, doctors, clerks, and lawyers but does not make thinkers, patriots, countrymen and most of all it does not produce HUMANS. I think the grades of the student should not be important but what should be important is what he learns every day, but this is not the case here. I would try to repair our education system or else replace it with something that truly works in a society like ours. And only through changing the education can the mind set of people change and slowly the people may evolve.

Next what I would like to achieve is justice. If a society has justice the crimes slowly wash away. And the people become satisfied and positive. Only through justice do they learn to trust their government and after then comes the phase in which they help the government to build their society. I would like to build a sense of awareness in the people so that they can know of their rights and responsibilities. I would like to remove the curse of joblessness and poverty from the society and in this I would gather the help of both the higher authorities and the common people.

After these long term changes I would also like to achieve some short term changes such as distributing my budget to improve sanitation, health, public places, parks, transport, schools and garbage collection.

Lastly, I would say that power in itself is not a bad thing at all but the problem lies with the people who use that power badly. If we vow to help each other and to work honestly and truthfully the earth might become a better place to live in.

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