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My Vision for America

October 26, 2015
By Kalianah_Wogoman BRONZE, VENETA, Oregon
Kalianah_Wogoman BRONZE, VENETA, Oregon
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My Vision for America

By: Kaliana Wogoman

The America that we know today is fantastic. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave, with thanks to the soldier who fight for this great nation. America is a country founded on freedom; to me, that means we all have the freedom to be who we are. However, we were not always free, because we as a nation actively endorsed slavery back in the day. If we had not  done that, then America would be very different  today. My vision consists of major changes to schools, crime rates, wages, politics, and religion.


I like the fact that schools in America have sports and electives. Having fun classes can help to put  your mind at ease so you can focus in your core classes. Schools, to be honest, can be really frustrating and confusing.  In my school it's hard to see in the back of the science room, and some of the teachers don’t really teach or explain anything. They usually just show you how to do assignments  and expect you to know the material. Otherwise schools in America are satisfactory.

My vision for America is that the crime rates would simmer down to a stop or merely to a dull roar. If crime suddenly stopped, then the police wouldn’t need to do anything. However, the reality is that crime won’t stop, because we  can’t control people. If we did, we wouldn't be a free nation.

My vision  also consists of changes to politics and the government. Politics can get ugly and messy; many American citizens gripe and complain about the president's choices and actions. I ask myself, why vote for someone if you know you are going to complain about what they plan  to do? To me that makes no sense at all.

In my opinion, minimum wage should go to the high schoolers who are working to fix their trucks or to have pocket money. College students  should earn a little bit more money than high schoolers, because they have to depend on themselves to pay for school rather than their parents. Fathers or mothers who support the family should earn a greater sum than minimum wage because they have a whole bunch of bills to pay, like school for their kids.
Religion is a big part of the vision for me because my faith is a major part of my life. While some of today's religions are peaceful and nonviolent, many others are very intolerant of people who don’t share their beliefs, some of which are extremely radical. A prominent example is ISIS, the Islamic organization intent on killing Christians based purely on their ideas of theology. Something I would like to change about America is the attitude we have toward religious tolerance; citizens in this country would get along much better if we were all able to coexist peaceably.

In conclusion, America is a free country. Many people seem to see America as this broken nation, but our American soldiers fight for it because they are passionate about it. Schools in America can be boring but we are fortunate to have them. I would like to see crime rates simmering down, major changes made on minimum wage, politics can be ugly and messy, and religion in America being less pushy and more forgiving. But despite all these grievances, I see America as a free nation and no one can change my mind about that. I would love to see my future kids live in a nation like this. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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