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Monarchy of America

January 26, 2009
By barbrafl BRONZE, Des Plaines, Illinois
barbrafl BRONZE, Des Plaines, Illinois
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Ah, America. “Land of the free, and the home of the brave.” It’s amazing how misguided people can be when it comes to speaking about their country. How convenient was the “Star Spangled Banner” not to mention war-happy presidents and corrupt government officials. America as we know it has just fallen downhill and into a dilapidated spiral. Presidents have done us no good by employing other officials to work with them. Bribery, blackmail, and blasphemy have all happened in our democratic government that we believed would give people more freedom and more hope, but has lost everything that we hoped for.

The word, democratic is described by the Encarta World Dictionary as with equal participation by all: characterized by free and equal participation in government or in the decision-making processes of an organization or group. Equal participation? How does this come into play and why should everyone get an equal chance at government? Does this mean that the forty-three year old convict and the seventy-eight year old law abiding citizen get the same, equal chance at government? Does this mean that everyone who has immigrated into our country and gained citizenship is equal to everyone who has lived in the United States of America since birth? Do those things seem to add up correctly, or has America’s government system gone completely wrong? This needs to change.

That is why America deserves to backtrack and return to the time when it was ruled by a single king and queen rather then a democracy. With this new king and queen, America will be taken over and given a new direction of government where citizens are told to listen to the royal family and never have a say in what happens unless they happen to be born of royal blood. This is the only way to keep America pure of power-hungry thieves. With royal families controlling everything, there will be no need to worry about bad blood because all positions of power travel through the bloodline and royal families would only marry other royal families. Never would they disgrace the country by marrying an outsider and mixing their blood to procreate and produce an heir who isn’t one hundred percent pure blooded nobility.

Once this begins, the same class of nobility will always rule America and the ideas about how to rule will never change because such ideas are passed through generations of nobility and ingrained into the young children’s minds so that each breed of children will have no other choice other than to follow what their parents taught them, and, if they are nobility, then they will be the heir to the throne and take over everything once their progenitors happen to pass away. This will create a flawless and seamless transition between rulers rather than the election process that America struggles to control today.

This simple process will eliminate all questioning over who happens to become the next ruler and that way there will be no more elections. This will stop the entire Republican versus Democrat struggle that America has so foolhardily struggled through. There will be no more presidential worries or lusts to become the next president because something of the likes will never have been heard of. Power hungry citizens will never torment America because every day citizens will never have the thought that they can rule because only noble blood can rule. They will know this. With citizens staying in their places as just that, citizens, America will grow and extend a greater foundation where it had once again flourish and prosper.

With this new system in place, America will be transformed in to a new and improved country, changing the name from the United States of America to the Monarchy of America, which carries a much better ring to it than the one preceding and beauty is everything in today’s time, can’t you agree?

The author's comments:
This essay was written as a diatribe and is meant to be sarcastic and exaggerated. This is not an essay about hating America, it's an essay about America in general and this is purely a satirical rant and nothing more.

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