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vocab 5

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Television is the anti-Christ. It is fruitless in its attempt to satisfy people. All it does is take our time and flush it down the toilet. It successfully inundates are mind with useless information. It’s just one garbled government hypnotic message after another.

To corroborate this accusation, A.C. Nielson Co. has compiled staggering evidence. Children and adults are watching more TV than ever before. According to psychologist from Rutgers University, the content displayed is not appropriate for young children. Yet TV adds still attempt to coerce them into watching. This is warping the minds of its viewers beyond comprehension.

The average American today lives life phlegmatically. TV has made them into zombie like creatures that can’t think or act for themselves. People have begun to believe to everything they hear on the news. For all they know CNN could be worse than Aljazeera, but do the care? No, they are brain washed.

My advice to people is to be more poignant in their feelings towards TV. Stop worshiping that little devil box of light and sound, and start living life in the real world. Enjoy the outdoors with the same zeal that’s so wrongfully devoted to TV.

If people keep worshiping the anti-Christ they’ll never reach their full potential. Endless numbers of hours, days, and years will be wasted in front of these beasts until the truth is told. If a sanguine approach is not taken then the world might as well stare at a brick wall for the rest of eternity. At least walls have a structure and a purpose in life.

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fisherj BRONZE said...
on May. 7 2009 at 4:39 am
fisherj BRONZE, Hickory, North Carolina
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I'm sorry, but every time you say the word "Anti-Christ" you instantly lose any fragment of validity that you had. This article establishes nothing worthwhile, you mention a study, but only in the most ambiguous and confusing sense. Your opinions are based off of a horribly biased, sadly sheltered worldview. Your comparison involving CNN is not viable as an argument in the least, it lacks evidence or any semblance of a source. You make a claim that T.V. is 'brain-washing' people, but make no real attempt to explain how (other than a remarkably abstract note that there exists 'content...not appropriate for children'). I mean no offense, but to say that the 'outdoors' are somehow morally superior to T.V. is again, entirely unfounded. Finally, to say that a wall has a purpose in life is laughable. Your conclusion simply makes claims without any real argument to their validity. Please, in the future, take the time to actually draw up arguments beyond vague abstractions stressing a belief that it seems you have not really spent much time exploring. I have great hope that you can adapt your style to more powerful pieces that actually address an issue rather than running around it and throwing emotionally loaded words in its general direction.