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If they can do it we could

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Yesterday, November 4th was election day. And today people at school show'd how they felt about Obama's new presidency. And at lunch it was brougth up that he is the very first african american president, what a great expeirience and honor I thought. Somewhere at my table it was said that women wouldn't be presidents, I have no clue where it came from I was cought up in a different conversation. So I obvioously asked why? A girl said she thought that because girls and women are to emotional, at 40 to most likely 65 a lot of women go through menapause. Which would effect there mood also its true that overall woman react to situations differently than men do.
Her reasons being said I'll agree that women and men act and care about different things. But who doesn't care about there country? The one that they live in? Yeah, I think that both men and women equally care about it and that if put under enough pressure everyone will make the right choice for not them, but the common good and the country. Women who are going through menapause maybe shouldn't run for president if it will effect their better judgment, most cases it's not going to though. Also people vote for someone because they agree with their political veiws and they beleive that that peticular candidate can bring them what they want for the country not and both men and women have political views, and most the time they are they same.
Yep, thats pretty much why I think women would be just as good presidents as men. Maybe I'll run for president and you can tell me what you think then, or wait until a woman does run. And watch her win.

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