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Just some thoughts

November 25, 2009
By Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
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It is, with few exceptions, the common act of mankind to find and act in a way such as to benefit oneself. Sometimes this may be done with only one party benefiting, causing an array of emotions to those who realize that they've been taken advantage of. On the next level, it is mostly desirable to find some way to mutually benefit yourself and whoever you're interacting with. This, in my opinion, is what keeps the modern status quo between customer and business, or any other type of relationship between two people. Because this is again, most desirable. This however doesn't push change. So for something to change, it must be a selfless act in which one human being passes his blessing upon others, in whatever way it may be. With that being said, change can only be brought about if those who desire it are selfless in their goals. So with that being said, change is usually only for the common good of a body of people. I'd like to take some time and elaborate on what I've just said, defining what exactly are my thought on these types of things, and what exactly I mean.

The first addressed, being benefit to one party and no others, is either done by those who don't realize it or those who realize fully what they're doing. Making it hard to distinguish the character of those who are in the act of doing it. Those who don't realize, I believe, don't take the time to think through and properly carry out their own actions, and unintentionally hurt others in the process. This obviously is undesirable, but I doubt it to be erasable in society. The best thing for these people is to think, realize what they might of done, and apologize or try to make better of what has happened. Next, are those who intentionally take advantage of others without trying at all to benefit them. These people can be seen as narcissistic or manipulating. And it should be in my opinion, any victim's responsibility to point out and defend themselves against said individual if they are being harmed in any way. Then secondly they should raise awareness about the individual so that no others have a chance to be harmed. This is mutual benefit, and our society's best bet of getting rid of a lot of corruption in capitalism.

This then leads to mutual benefit, which is a major step up. Though, it usually only can keep the status quo and not bring about necessary changes if needed. Mutual benefit is desirable, because it is a win-win situation, of course, it has only positive results. Of course with only positive results, it's not a bad thing at all, but for the most part nothing can change in this manner.

The third, spreading blessing without and expectation of receiving back, is extremely rare, yet necessary for any bit of change to happen. Think back to the days of the revolution, where they all signed the Declaration in a selfless act, for if they were to lose, they would more than likely be the first to go. This obviously was a major change for the world, the birth of a new, and powerful nation. You especially should hear tales of George Washington's selflessness and intrepid acts throughout your career of being educated. Glory then in part was a byproduct of such actions, not necessarily desired.
Then of course there is Gandhi, and his courage to free his people by selflessly speaking out against the British government, defying his father's wishes, organizing protests, and then ultimately being assassinated. Another similar story would be that of Martin Luther King Jr, only with our very own Civil Rights movement. So to say the words revolution or change, a leader must lead with selflessness as an example, and humbleness as another, then hope for his subjects to follow.

Also to define change, in this instance, is to change a government by means of reducing corruption, having more wise Congressman, and an even wiser leader. For a society to be bettered, that society must be led by a philosopher-king. (King as in President, Prime Minister, etc.) Or to define change in another manner here is to change the way we, as people, have treated each other throughout the years.

So, to have change, we as people must learn to turn the cheek, we as people must learn to appreciate wisdom, we as people must take into consideration what others are saying, and we as people must learn how to be the better man.

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