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Removing Guns Will Not Solve Our Problems

November 19, 2019
By insanefoxgurl07 BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
insanefoxgurl07 BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
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We’ve heard about it on the news all the time recently: “Shooting in -----------, USA. So many injured, so many killed.” Nevada. California. Texas. Colorado… and many more.  Every time it happens, people get agitated, and before you know it, some one thousand people are protesting in front of the White House, begging the President to get rid of guns to stop the violence. While it seems like a good idea, it won’t work. Here’s why: we’re human beings. Since the beginning of time, we have learned how to destroy things for our benefit. We even created the atomic bomb, one of the most dangerous weapons in history. Even if laws remove guns, we will still find ways to destroy. You would be surprised. Stabbing with pens, knives, or pencils, baseball bats, metal poles, even your own fists can cause death to someone. Do we take these things away, too? This brings me to my next point: Guns are not evil. Let me give you an example. Think about the knife in your kitchen. Is the knife bad? No, it is an inanimate object that is incapable of attacking someone on its own. Furthermore, it is a tool used to cut up food. Now picture a serial killer taking that knife and stabbing someone to death. Is the person wielding the knife evil? Of course. That killer was capable of taking the action of stabbing the person, and is using the knife for its unintended purpose. See the difference? Everyone’s got it all wrong. They say, “We should get rid of guns because they’re causing violence!” As seen in my argument involving the knife, it is the person who is wielding the gun and using it for its unitended purpose that's evil-- NOT the gun itself. Also, this argument shouldn’t be taken the wrong way; I’m not saying that everyone who owns a gun is evil, either. It could be that the person who has the gun is military personnel, or a policeman or member of the FBI and are required to own a gun for non-killer reasons. Maybe if we received lessons on how to use and store guns responsibly, that would solve our problems-- not taking everyone’s firearms and locking them in a titanium vault. Underground. In an area no human being has access to.

The author's comments:

Special thanks to my dad's friend for opening my eyes about this issue and how everyone gets it wrong.

Before you go into the comment section and rant about how my argument is wrong- give it some thought. You are entitled to your own opinion; and if you disagree with me, fine. I won't lose sleep over it. This is a very touchy subject, so I'm surprised I even decided to share my thoughts on it.

I always love a good debate, so if you have an argument against my thoughts, I'd love to read it.

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