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The Raw Truth

December 26, 2008
By kklyn GOLD, Marlton, New Jersey
kklyn GOLD, Marlton, New Jersey
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As a vegetarian, I do not go around preaching about my lifestyle; nor do I object to the lifestyles of those whose diets include meat products. However, vegetarians, including myself, are not usually given the same respect. Although vegetarianism is the fastest growing lifestyle in the world, many people remain ignorant to the truth behind the decision. With that said, it is only fair to defend the beliefs of vegetarians, while informing those who are in the dark.

First of all, there are no benefits to eating meat. The number one case from meat eaters is that, meat has protein, so therefore it is good for you. The little protein that meat has can easily be replaced in a vegetarian diet. With research you would also find that meat harms your body more than it helps it. In fact, it has been proven that meat is the underlying cause for heart problems and high cholesterol - not to mention the various forms of cancer and obesity.

Besides being incredibly fattening, meat also is to blame for the vast majority of food poisonings every year. Poultry can also contain salmonella, which is a bacteria that attacks the stomach and intestines. To avoid these poisonings, the meat or poultry has to be cooked properly. If humans were really "made to eat meat" then humans would be able to walk right up to a cow and take a bite out of it.

After discussing the affects of eating these products, it is only right to bring up the actual animals on your plate. Over 500,000 animals are killed per hour for meat. Before these animals are grotesquely slaughtered, they are beaten, neglected, and fed remains of other animals simply to become the food on your plate. This behavior is simply appalling and not justified.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, more commonly known as "Mad Cow Disease" was caused from cattle being fed the remains of other cattle. More than 176,000 people have died from eating the infected beef, and over 4 million cows have been slaughtered in hopes of preventing the spread. This disease still exists today.

In addition to consuming infected meat, the 'meat' you are eating can include any part of the animal. In slaughter houses, the animals are quickly butchered into pieces; which means you are eating either the tail, head, feet, rectum, spinal cord and most common-the organs. Delicious, right?

For chickens, their beaks are often snipped before being tightly packed into cages surrounded by death, and filth. These animals are then transported in crammed trucks in harsh weather conditions to be slaughtered. The treatment of these animals only causes more suffering, for no good reason.

This is only a glimpse at the harsh reality behind a meat diet, the industry, and why many people choose not to be a part of it. This business is supply and demand; if people do not eat meat-animals do not have to be killed for it. I only hope that people have a better understanding, and possibly sympathy for the animals if nothing else.

The author's comments:
I am not a spokesperson for vegetarianism. I have been a vegetarian for only two years, but have defended myself over a houndred times. No one understands why I personally choose this lifestlye, simply because they have grown up in a society where it is acceptable to eat animals. I cannot change everyones mind on vegetarianism - and do not seek out to do so, but I really do just care about the animals. My only wish is that more people cared too.

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  Okay, I can't accept that this is really the "raw truth".  I like how you're story seems to advocates for "no meat", however, I think if you want to create a convincing argument, you need to include sources, because in some parts, it seemed like you were exaggerating and making things up. I do agree that many of the means by which meat is proved for people is bad, and could at least be improved if not decreased substantially.