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The New iPhone, the New Car, All Creating the New America

July 6, 2013
By HorseLover SILVER, Dallas, Texas
HorseLover SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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Does anyone else get the feeling that a lot of things are changing in America? Like maybe we’re becoming a different kind of society—a ‘new America’?

Well, I’ve gotten that feeling and I think that the ‘new America’ is being formed right now. We are slowly becoming a new society—a new society that is becoming overly-concerned with material goods. There’s always something new to have, and somehow, mostly everyone gets it. Americans are becoming far too materialistic.

Some people say we need all that we have. We need that new iPhone and the latest car. Well, maybe some people do, but does everyone else need it, too? Not everyone needs these new and improved things. Most people do not need a new car every couple of years or a new phone every time the latest model comes out.

Someone should get the latest model of a phone if they need it—not if it is better than what they currently have or they just want the latest and greatest. If the phone they currently have does what they need it to do, they should keep it. Instead of getting a new one, they should get a new appreciation for all that their phone can do. If the phone is truly falling apart and is almost completely unusable, though, maybe they should buy another one. If it is not falling apart, but the latest phone would suit their needs a lot better, then it would be okay to buy the new one, too.
The same is with a car. A car should only be bought if the person really needs something different. If the current car is having problems every time they use it and they have tried to get it fixed, yeah, they might want a different car. If their current car is just too big for their needs and they have had it for a while, it might make sense to get another one. If the car is not as new looking as they would like, deal with it and go to the car wash. Getting a new car just to get something that looks better is not appreciating what you have

What Americans need to do is to stop and think. Think about what you really need, compared to what you have. Is what you need similar to what you have? Think about what you really need the next time you are about to buy a big purchase.

If we start to think more, and buy the latest and greatest when we do not need it less, maybe our ‘new America’ will be an America that we can take pride in and appreciate. It can be an America where people do not feel the need to tell people not to be so materialistic. It can be an America that continues to inspire people of other nations.

Do your part starting right now to help America not become so materialistic. Think about what your needs are before you make big purchases and encourage others to do the same. Teach younger children the values of appreciating what we have, and then America will become a much better society of people who appreciate what they have.

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