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February 28, 2013
By Lyric.The.Insanity.Puppet SILVER, Salllisaw, Oklahoma
Lyric.The.Insanity.Puppet SILVER, Salllisaw, Oklahoma
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Tomorrow. I'm waiting for days that will never come. Skies that do not rain. What are boundary's, names? To the human mind, once you put a label on something, it's safe, known. This is because knowledge is power, and evolution. Without evolution we would never get stronger. So, to be without knowledge is to die. This labeling is a safeguard for humans, it's what separates us from animals. That it, our speedy evolution is the only thing too make us be above animals. Maybe I contradict your beliefs, though I don't mean to. I know there is something out there, or else this world would be overrun by madness,anarchy, and the human race would soon be few in number or under the rule of some horrible tyrant. All in all, humans are very strange creatures with many mechanisms to help them survive, or dominate other species. Though I fear if humans keep doing things the way they are doing... we will not be able to survive any longer...

- Lyric

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