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Hey You

December 4, 2007
By krystan saviola SILVER, Niagara Falls, Other
krystan saviola SILVER, Niagara Falls, Other
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Your walking down the hallway of your high school when someone shouts “hey you” You look around only to realize that a teacher has addressed you. Is this the way students should be called upon? Is it not expected that students have respect for authority figures? How can students have respect for them when they do not give students any respect, so because I was supposedly wearing the uniform improperly does that mean that I deserve to be treated with disrespect? Do I not deserve to be addressed as miss, or young lady, or by my name? I wonder what would happen if I addressed a teacher or principal in that way?

Is it fair that a girl gets terrorized all semester and the person responsible has no consequences while someone wearing their shirt untucked gets a detention?

I witnessed a girl who was threatened and feared coming to school while the person responsible walked down the same halls I did without remorse. The school was aware of this and after many meetings one including a police officer the terrorizing continued.

How is it that harassment is ignored and easily turned away while wearing coloured socks gets a punishment?

Does it not seem like the serious issues are being covered up by meaningless rules?

So you’re walking down the hallway at your high school. Your hear chatter in the hallway and threats being shouted right next to you and all you want to do is get to class and then you hear “Hey You.”

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BobTheBlob said...
on Mar. 17 2015 at 11:58 am
omg this is amazing I totally agree and your opening is so good!:)