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Why are we in war with Iraq?

February 5, 2010
By FunkiMonki BRONZE, Lakewood, California
FunkiMonki BRONZE, Lakewood, California
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Why are we in a war? Ever since I could remember on 9/11 I would ask my parents "Why are we in a war?Why can't we get along?
If your like me, you've probably had someone bully you and everyday you'd dread going to school. You'd think,"Today is going to be horrid. Why go?"
You'd fight and come home crying when you were a kid. But you would always somehow make up like me. So why can't we do that in Iraq.
Now, I'm only about 13, so I don't know much. All I know and live by is ,Peace Love Happiness. But one day in World History my teacher said," If we learned about people and their culture then we won't be in war."
So why can't we just do that. Maybe if we stop thinking of ourselves and get along with the one bully, we could be friends. But we just fight, humans don't think. I know about terrorists attacking the twin towers on 9/11 is horrible, but it's their culture.In my mind ,bad, but over there they probably think going to the mall is bad to.
So maybe the USA and Iraq could be in a truce so everyones family could be together. But of course, that's my opinion.:)

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