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what is your meaning of strength?

February 1, 2010
By wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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what is your meaning of strength? is it the person who can lift 150 pound weights or the person who will day after day endure physical, emotional, and verbal pain and pretend like nothing is wrong?

to me the true strength is not that of the people who go to the gym every morning at five am to work out. to me its those people who suffer silently. those people that you'd never expect to have the most horrific stories, thet ones who try so hard to over come the hardest of things. those pepole are the people with the ultimate strength, those are the ones that should get the praise but no one is ever there to give them that gratification the y deserve.

those people who constantly go to the gym should learn a lesson from those people who would never step foot in a gym.

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