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My Fellow Americans... MAG

By Anonymous

   Attention, my fellow teenagers. As we are constantly told by teachers, parents, guidance iiiiiiiiicounselors and other people we supposedly listen to, we are the future of America. This is why I am putting forth a call for you to become politically aware. I want you to watch the news, read the papers, and most important, think. Think about the way the world is, the way it was, and the way it could be.

The United States has almost 300 million people and far too many are sheep that blindly follow the herd. I beg you not to be another sheep.

For all of you over fourteen years old, you will be voting in the presidential election in 1996. Treat this current election as a trial run. Know the candidates. Know their respective political parties, stances on important issues, their experience in politics, and decide who you would vote for if you could.

Also, know who you are. Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Are you liberal or conservative? Above all, know from what perspective you are looking at the world. Realize that your opinions are only yours and respect the rights of others to have their own opinions.

Remember, in countries like China and Cuba, people are denied the right to self-determination. Don't throw yours away. If you don't make decisions for yourself, someone else will make them for you. Once you start down that path, it may lead to the end of democracy. n

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i love this so much!