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"A Free Will To Die" MAG

By Anonymous

   "A Free Will to Die"

by E. P., White River Jct., VT

Euthanasia is a method of expressing control over one's own body and should be legalized.

It is a process that allows a terminally-ill patient to terminate his or her life on request. For decades, euthanasia has been considered inhumane and immoral. How can one say they are a humanitarian if they force a grief-stricken, terminally-ill patient to suffer a prolonged illness when they would prefer the settlement of death?

It is true that euthanasia encourages the self destruction of the human body, but how can prolonging a painful process ease the morality of human kindness. It is the government's responsibility to allow the citizens of this country the freedom to do to their bodies what they please. Some feel euthanasia will denounce the "greatness" of the human race, but who will cover the costs of extreme medical bills? Surely you can't expect insurance companies to pay; they discriminate against disease.

Whether cited as immoral or unethical, people deserve the right to determine their own destiny. Euthanasia should be made a legal alternative for terminally-ill patients who wish to relieve themselves and their families of the malevolence of death.

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i love this so much!