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Will It Ever End? MAG

By Anonymous

   Will It Ever End?

by C. D., Chicopee, MA

The government is now restored in Haiti. Is it really going to change all that much? Will it make a difference in the country's economy and poverty rates? Will innocent children stop dying from starvation? Can a government stop the pain and suffering within its own borders?

Somehow I don't think restoring the government will solve the country's numerous problems. Poverty, starvation, violence and suffering don't change with government.

In a telephone survey, 57% believed that the United States being in Haiti would be successful in restoring democratic rule in Haiti. Aristide is Haiti's first democratically elected president. He governed for seven months before being ousted in 1991 by the military coup.

Just because the militia leaders are out of the country, it doesn't mean the problems went with them. I know that people didn't say the problems would disappear, but that's the impression from some of the media.

The militia leaders are gone, but are all their followers? To be a leader you need followers. Among these followers a new leader could come forward. Then the terror would start all over. It's part of life's cycle that countries throughout the world fall into.

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