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By Anonymous

   This November's elections were a major upset in more ways than one. The first one everyone knows about: The Republican Party blew the Democrats out of the water and gained the majority in both the House and Senate. Another astonishing result was that every G.O.P. incumbent senator, House member, and governor was sent back to office.

The second upset involved the media. After the elections, we should have read apologies from the media. The largest apologizers should have been the networks. For the past six months, the media has been "informing" the public about the anti-incumbency mood of the country, among other lies, but the mood wasn't anti-incumbent; it was anti-Democrat!

The media doesn't give credit where it is deserved. The voters are pretty smart, and they know what they want. Sure, some people are angry with the government, but they know how to keep their anger under control. The voters were cool, confident and focused in knowing what they had to do.

In 1992, the people voted for a change by electing a Democrat who was a great salesman. A salesman - great at selling an image of himself, and at selling false hopes. In no time after the election, he was involved in the messy scandal of Whitewater and a sexual harassment lawsuit. He also, like many other politicians, seemed to have forgotten all about his campaign promises that people so highly regarded. Promises like welfare reform, among other things we still haven't seen.

On Tuesday, November 8, voters had a chance to correct the election mistakes they made in 1992, and they did so by looking forward to the future with real hope, not false hope. ?

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i love this so much!