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Redox MAG

By Anonymous

   Redox-oxidation, jill, kill, mill, hill, mine, fine, rhyme, climate, hilly, grassy plain, muddy slope, tarmac, plane, flying high, bird, ozone, enviroment, animal, tropical rainforest, trees, wood, Honda, cars, GMC, GM, ARC, UUP, ARA, WYSIWYG, DAM-Mothers Against Dyselexia, ylsesixa, Gabe Landes, Leirani Biton, friends, family, MCI, calling circle, 1-800-collect, jargon, AT&T, phones, government antitrust laws, laws, religion, god, no god, if there is a god, christmas, no god, presents, christ, no god, atheist, no god, nothingness, everything, the universe, nothing, light defines everything and everything means nothing and yet I exist in spite of it and feel in spite of it so that must mean something is out there. Right? ?

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i love this so much!