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By Anonymous

   Is it puppy love? Is it trial love? Is it true love? It seems that most teenagers are getting involved with members of the opposite sex as a form of entertainment. But when getting involved with anyone it puts feelings on the line. A friend once told me that she was going out with a guy not because she loved him, but because she wanted something to do on weekends. When the relationship was over, she cried. Why did she cry? Was she actually in love with him? Or did this mean that she would have to pay for her own movie ticket for a while? One of my relationships that lasted about a month (on and off) has taken several months from which to recover. I may never recover. What if he was my first true love? What if he is my only true love? What if I am destined to live the rest of my life alone because our fated romance died? You see, many real feelings were put on the line during that very short period of time. Because I am only 16 does this mean that my feelings are not mature? Is teenage love a different kind of love? I believe that teenage love is the first step to developing normal healthy relationships in the future. I've heard many people on TV talk how they will never forget their first love. Maybe that's because it taught them how to love. So perhaps teenage love is a steppingstone toward the paths we may choose in our lives. Love, whether new or old, is a way to share important things with a person you are close to and trust. All people need that. Teenagers need love more than anyone. Who else better to get love from than another teenager who's going through the same transitions that you are? Who's to say what kind of love is valid? All love is valid. ?

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Soumo said...
on Mar. 30 2018 at 1:30 pm
I love it because i fall in love 1 year ago when i was 15 years old

i love this so much!