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Generation X: Labeled As Lost MAG

By Anonymous

   I believe that members of the so-called Generation X, today's young adults and teenagers, have been treated in an unfair manner. As judged by our seniors, Generation X is a "lost generation," filled with drunks, druggies and hopeless losers. Yet this, in my opinion, is not true. I think that this labeling has occurred, like so many other stereotypes, because of ignorance.

It seems that when it comes to Generation X, all individual accomplishments are ignored and the negative things are multiplied ten-fold. Society chooses to focus on the unfavorable aspects - murder, gangs, teen pregnancy and violence. These are not unique to this generation. Members of the Baby-Boomer Generation shake their heads when they look at us, yet they did the same thing when they were our age. Baby-Boomers grew up listening to rock and roll (which was regarded as rebel music) and many were into heavy drugs and alcohol. So why are they upset when we do the same thing? If adults stopped to ponder why our generation is so "bad," maybe it would occur to them that it might be because we are misguided by our elders and parents. Don't they realize we are just a typical younger generation, trying to discover life and ourselves?

I was born near the end of Generation X and I see no difference between my generation and the next. Yet, because a few years separate us, mine is regarded as the "lost generation" and my younger sibling's is regarded as a hopeful one. Don't we have the same potential as the next group of kids?

I also believe that if a generation is to be given a nickname, it should not be judgmental. I think that by designating a group with a negative stereotype, you are encouraging them to fail. Let history evaluate our accomplishments, after we have been given the opportunity to experience life and leave our mark. ?

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I agree completly with what your saying. I'm currently writting a research paper that might mention briefly what you're are talking about... As far as parents and raising us goes, I believe there is no such thing as bad children just bad parents.