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Me? Married? MAG

By Anonymous

   "I was married by the time I wasyour age," the elderly woman told me. I froze in mytracks. Married? Me? The thought was a hundred yearsaway.

I stared back at the 80-year-old woman. She wassincere. I couldn't even picture myself married. There are somany things I want to accomplish before marriage. But not her.She could have gone to college, but she didn't consider orcare to. There was no reason. She knew her role - to marry andraise a family.

I often take for granted the paved roadI travel on, paved by women pioneers before me. Fifty yearsago I wouldn't have played basketball, mostly likely notconsidered going to college and certainly wouldn't be editorof a school newspaper.

Because women before me decidedthey wanted an education, to be athletic and to build a life,I have the right to vote, receive an education, have workplacerights (although I still make only 67 cents for every dollar aman earns), and play sports and not be a babyfactory.

It's women like Eleanor Roosevelt, HelenKeller and present-day advocates Oprah Winfrey and CokieRoberts who have helped make a difference in the lives ofwomen. They make me proud and should be celebrated.

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i love this so much!