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Respect Your Elders MAG

By Anonymous

   It really upsets me how people mistreat older citizens.This summer I worked at a nursing home and learned how much these people have tooffer. When I told others where I worked, they reacted as if I were crazy andwondered why it didn't depress me. I found these people were not depressing, butrather exciting.

These older folks have lived their whole lives and aretrying to share their wisdom with others. It seems like no one wants to listen tothem, though they have helped create this world we take for granted. They havethe greatest understanding of life because they have experienced it. Showing themkindness can go a long way.

While working, I had a chance to witnessdifferent aspects of the older generation, and they astonished me. What touchedme most was their relationships with their spouses. I am a hopeless romantic inevery way, and I would melt when I heard stories of their marriages. The love somany of them experienced seems much more powerful and real than love these days.Ask older people about their marriages and watch their faces beam as they talkabout their one true love. They also lived through World War II, and have storiesto tell that will blow your mind.

I challenge you to share yourself withthe older members of your community. You'll be surprised at the friendships youform and the positive experience that results from what seems to be littleeffort.

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i love this so much!