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By Anonymous

Cloudsmelt like the masks we wear
Our silhouettes glide slowly above
Billowingwith hopes and dreams
The canvas sky tears with metal rain
And every bulletunaccounted for
Boils well up from the earth
With each trash dump depositedand beer can littered
The land is scarred with acne
Abused in ignorance andlaziness
Humankind is buried under a landslide of genetics
There is noindividual in "I"
The black sheep is the crowd
Society bobs likedriftwood down mainstream
Our minds are tame and lame
But our fists arehard and marred
Every dog has its fleas
We are the Earth'sparasites
Every road-strip laid
Clogs Earth's pores with
A constrictivepatch
Every building erected
Breeds violence
Urban cities brush thesky
With a taint that can't be cleansed:
Poverty, war, racism, lust,corruption.
Politics and prostitution are corn of the same cob
Both dirtyand unnatural
We must break down the system
Like a muscle, so it willgrow
Back stronger
There are termites in the House
That gnaw silently atthe frame
Scarcity is not just a textbook theory, it's reality
Resourcesdwindle and we fatten and waste
Diseases: nature's reaction to man-inflicteddamage
Overpopulation is a primal erotic splurge
Irreversible but notuncontrollable
Nothing "is" permanent except what"was."
A child's skin is at one point
Clean like that ofnature
But we color it, name it,
Classify it, analyze it,
Build it,abuse it,
And finally destroy it.
The clouds are swollen black andblue.
The sky is transparent, a windowless pane
And the land has beensmeared like an oil painting
All scorched by our cancer
We have built ourfutures with our mouths
And the irony: our dream
Is ourself-destruction
The addiction we can't
Live without
Unless we realize,socialize and unionize
"Overpopulation never killedanyone."
Critical response: sterilize don't urbanize.

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i love this so much!