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By Anonymous

     President Bush has been an exceptional president. In fact, he might go down in the history books as one of America's greatest neo-con presidents ever! His domestic policies, foreign policies and appointments have all been tremendously neo-conastically successful, and when added up, point to why Bush must be re-elected in '04.

President Bush's domestic policies are a good place to begin. Let's start with his fiscal responsibility. He has succeeded where no other president has! His administration has not created any more jobs, even though he created an entirely new executive department; in fact, America has lost nearly 3.2 million jobs under his watch! Now, where did these jobs go? Answer: first to Mexico, and now on to China and India where labor is cheap but still effective and the working conditions, or sweat shops, are fantastic - for the pockets of billionaires!

There are 244 billionaires in this country who will save millions, thanks to President Bush's executive favor of helping them cut 3.2 million American jobs and allowing them to move overseas. The World Trade Organization and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) allow the big corporations to do this, and even though they don't comply with UN labor laws or our labor laws (or even the Declaration of Human Rights), they do provide easy profits, so clearly they are economically the right thing to do.

President Bush also helped this country, and especially the top socio-economic one percent by issuing tax cuts. In fact, 42 percent of the entire tax cuts go to the top one percent of this country, once again saving the 244 billionaires tons of money! President Bush's tax cuts also will decrease the amount of revenue the government takes in from taxes, which will increase our deficit, but this country has gotten out of debt before, and even a deficit of $6,801,630,117,875.55 shouldn't be a problem (Can you figure that number out? That's trillions.)

The huge surplus we had with President Clinton is gone because President Bush had to spend it on national security so the FBI could use the Patriot Act to know what library books you read without telling you. But don't you feel safer now that the FBI can detain you indefinitely, without a lawyer, in another country, on a U.S. military base, without any communication to the outside world, and even "mildly" and "humanely" torture you because they think you could be a terrorist? Clearly this administration believes in upholding Constitutional rights!

President Bush ran on the "Compassionate Conservative" ticket, embracing issues such as school funding, and promising to do the only the best for our generation. President Bush clearly started off on the right foot by threatening to completely cut all funding for the Department of Education. You see, the Department of Education has outrageous demands for teacher salaries and certain standards that teachers must meet. Increased salaries and tougher standards mean more money for education and less for rooting out terrorist librarians.

Our President changed his mind about the Department of Education, and decided to move ahead with his "Compassionate Conservative" agenda by sponsoring "No Child Left Behind." This program would guarantee funding to schools that need to raise their curriculum and performance levels so that all students could read by eighth grade. President Bush decided that even though he promised to allocate $18 billion he would only give $12 billion, because keeping the children safe from possible terrorist librarians was more important. The children must be safe before they can learn, right?

If Bush's domestic policy hasn't convinced you to vote for him in '04, I think his foreign policy will. I have already mentioned NAFTA and the WTO, but President Bush is also involved in the United Nations. Now, as we Americans know, America is always right, and, of course, the best, so we are involved in the UN only to tell other countries what to do to make us happy. Shouldn't the best demand compliance? President Bush believes so. Other countries are often jealous that the U.S. is the best, so they present arguments that seem logical just to push the U.S. (who is the best) around. The other countries' logical-sounding arguments can't be, because the U.S. is always right, and to criticize something that is right is wrong. It is really a strain sometimes to have to deal with every other country that differs in opinion (of course their opinions are wrong if they differ with us), and President Bush tries his hardest to be nice.

Sometimes countries admit that the U.S. is right and stop acting so silly and logical when President Bush gives them green paper presents. That's right, before we invaded Iraq, President Bush dangled hundreds of millions of dollars in front of Turkey so they would admit we were right and allow us to use Turkey as a military base. Some may suggest to the President that he invest that money in education, but remember: the President is never wrong, and making Turkey say we are right is more important than providing for our children.

But the one foreign policy executive action that makes President Bush so great is his Iraq War. The rest of the world knew Saddam was bad, but because they were so jealous of the U.S., they told the U.S. it would be evil to liberate oil fields. Think about this: The President needs people to fund his campaign. If the President's economy is bad, big business will not want to fund him. If he topples another country and cripples not only the infrastructure but also the power, water, electricity and food supply, he could help out his friends in big corporations like Halliburton and MCI/WorldCom by awarding them billion-dollar, competition-free contracts. Halliburton is the company that Vice President Dick Cheney used to be the CEO of, but awarding up to $70 billion classified contracts to Halliburton had nothing to do with that, and even less to do with more efficient, cheaper companies trying in vain to compete in this supposed free market economy. MCI/WorldCom donated primarily to the Republican Party, and was surprisingly awarded a contract to construct a cellular network in Iraq.

Even more surprising is that no other companies were even asked what price they could do it for, or for their input. MCI/WorldCom has never actually done such a task before, ever. But what is most surprising is that President Bush would trust people who misplaced $4 billion and helped crash the stock market. Then again, MCI/WorldCom and the Bush family go way back, and even though the company has had a significant history of fraud, theft and deception, don't they deserve another chance? Our President gives second chances because he is a compassionate conservative!

I was going to tell you how awesome the people around President Bush are, but I figured the evidence here is so strong for the Vote for Bush in '04 case that I shouldn't even have to get into that. Remember, it's your responsibility as a citizen of this country to vote, and I strongly suggest Bush. If you're not with him, you are a terrorist.

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