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By Anonymous

It was like that time you walked
Back to your house angry at the world
You step over your threshold
And notice the news on the television
And you think, Does every economy
Bush gets his hands on turn to dust?
And you're standing safely in the middle
Of a room wondering why no one
Else is not raging against a failed
System ... and while we're talkin'
Failures, your back is slowly
Giving out on you and you guess
You're a candidate for that bone
Disease ... those ambitious
Clucks who call themselves
Doctors are going to get you for
Everything you got just to tell you
Nothing's wrong ... Now when your
Back finally does give out on you
There will be no going back and
To save themselves (Americans are
Famous for this) they put on a
Melancholy face and say,
"Ma'am, this couldn't have been
And angrily you storm away, but not
before you say,
"Well sir, I really can't prevent me
From wanting to put my foot up your a-- "
And Mr. Vanilla Government has us
All by the throats like some Blair
Witch project and tick-tock is the
Name of the clock and times do
Change I promise I do and
Sometimes the rules change too
But where is the world the poets
Write about? And come, someone,
Please, and give me five reasons as
To why I should not just give up ...
Now I'm not a mother nor do I
Have children but I can give life to
Things, I can inspire
And while I'm no man nor will I
Probably ever lead a country,
I do know the difference between
Helping some country and condemning it
While illiterate hands can't even tell
If a man is blind or not
Is helpless or not
Is a threat or not ...
And whispering does no good
At all 'cause half of you barely heard
What I just said ... And out of all the things I love the things I hate will
Always outnumber them
Including the fact that the news
Has this screwy habit of messing with my emotions...

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i love this so much!