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The Art of Apathy MAG

By Anonymous

With closed eyes
We watch the starving in Africa
F a d e
Out of existence
With tightly shut lips
We scream out at the injustices
Of murder and disease - two plagues

of the same distinguished only by circumstance
Of poverty (and) war
We leave it to politics to bridge a divided nation
Counting ballots and dollars and minutes
Never time to rewrite the constitution of a
Our intentions are always
for the best
We raise homeless shelters with our
empty well-wishes
And perform our miracles with a partially
existent thought
At least that’s what we secretly tell ourselves
So we can sleep at night
We don’t hear the faces crying with a dying call
We can’t taste the bullets ripping through their flesh
(The Divine cuisine of the soul)
We try to relate with what we see on TV
The war in Iraq
The war within ourselves
AIDS, cancer, liquor, bombs, anthrax, suicide
The senseless destruction of humankind
(((This is all we know)))
No pen is versed to speak the world
No tongue can circumvent the globe
The only universal form of communication
Is suffering
But why should we care?

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i love this so much!