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Improving Health Coverage MAG

By Anonymous

     Do you think that the worry of paying for expensive healthcare is negatively affecting the lives of many Americans? Ourneighbor Canada provides its citizens with a national health care system. Even though it is paid for through taxes, it is still more affordable than ourprivate system, and easier to manage. If the United States adopted a Canadian style of national health care, it would save a lot of money and benefiteveryone, even though it may cost a lot at the beginning.

If free health care were provided by our government, it would save money in the long runfor all. It would be cheaper and more efficient because it would be a single payer system as opposed to a multi-payer system since the state or governmentwould be billed instead of the patient. This process may seem more expensive to our government but it would save tons of paperwork and consequentlyeliminate the need to hire so many to do the administrative work.

According to author Nancy Levitin, the U.S. would save a lot of money if theyswitched: “Administrative costs for Canada is 11 cents of every health care dollar, while the administrative cost for the United States is 20-25cents.” The difference of 9-14 cents may not seem like a lot but it adds up and could lead to billions.

Also, patients and doctors would nothave to go through all the hassle to confirm that patients are insured. The General Accounting Office stated, “The United States could save $67million in administrative costs alone by adopting a Canadian-style healthcare system.” If we could save at least $67 million in just administrativecosts, it would benefit us by allowing more money for research and new technology. With America’s current system, money is wasted.

In additionto spending less money on administrative services, the U.S. could produce more goods and products at affordable prices. Prescription drugs in America aremuch more expensive than in Canada and now our senior citizens often buy their drugs from there. Seniors who cannot afford quality health care because offixed income in retirement should receive a better plan and cheaper prescription drugs. America’s health care can be improved in many ways, not justthe prices of prescription drugs, but other problems including lawsuits and insurance premiums.

With so much to improve and correct in our system,many might believe it would cost hundreds of millions to do so. But consider that the sooner it is fixed, the less it would cost in the future. GovernorSchwarzenegger of California stated that every state should have an improved health care plan. Many agree because of the prices of prescription drugs andthe fact that surgeries and other medical procedures are outrageously expensive.

Health care could be improved if the U.S. adopted a system likeCanada’s. Our government and its citizens would save more money, and it would benefit all, but in order for this to happen, it would take a largeinvestment. It would be the right way because everyone will save money and America would be far more advanced and improved. ?

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