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The Sinners' Saint

February 5, 2012
By Triple_A_XD_XP, Mesa, Arizona
Triple_A_XD_XP, Mesa, Arizona
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Baka wa shinanakyo noaranai!


Any loose info? Oh, uh, her name is pronounced Zoe with 'is' at the end, the z is soft. She is one of the main antagonist in the story I mentioned before (even though I have not introduced her yet in the posted series ^^" I will eventually).
The image used is from a new Russian anime called "First Squad", just in case you were curious :3 but I must say, Zoeiz or any of this is not in any relation to fanfiction of the anime! I made this story back in 6th grade, more than three years ago lol the anime came out earlier this year ;)
----To any Christians, Catholics, including Russians, etc, PLEASE do not be offended by how I portrayed this character.
I hope you enjoyed reading it and I can't help but say thank you to those that have! :3
With much appreciation, thanks again.

^^^All this is just the random description info I put under my story.


The Sinners' Saint

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