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Earthling's Questions

December 4, 2008
By Delia SILVER, Erie, Kansas
Delia SILVER, Erie, Kansas
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Don't be too serious about life. No one gets out alive.

My daydreams take me to places in the future, past, or present. I sometimes ask myself, “If you could travel anywhere in time, where, when, and why would you go?” I would go to Galilee, while Jesus was preaching. I have so many unanswered questions for him. It would open up a new chapter in my faith.

Jesus was living in a place where many Americans cannot go today. If I went today, I may be attacked like the tourists in Mumbai, India. Personally, I don’t want to be shot. If I’m going to be shot, I would rather be shot for something I actually did. I want to see what Jesus saw, and the ground he walked on.

For instance, there are so many unanswered questions I have for Jesus. Such as, “Does your feet get sore?” Or, “What was your favorite part about being on Earth?” “How do I witness to people that hate me?” These are in my ocean of unanswered questions. This would make my faith grow. I could also witness to people, and my eyes will be like God’s. They will see people in a new light.

I want to see what Jesus’ earthly form was like. For example, Jesus wasn’t white; he couldn’t have been, resulting from the sun. But, his voice is gentle, but guiding. His voice would have been as soft as a lamb, but convincing. The voice alone would drive my thirst for heaven to an immense level.

Jesus was in a place that in today’s world would be virtually impossible. Also, seeing him would make my faith greater. Seeing him would make me a better witness, and tell others about God. People would trust me, because I would seem to have all the answers. Maybe I’ll make a time machine myself.

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balhalhd said...
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hey, this girl is hte awesomest. Itotally agree with her!